Keeping clean hands clean !

Infections are spread from door handles, especially when one in three people do not wash their hands after using the restroom!!


  • Each absent employee costs their employer an average of $3100* per year
  • E.coli, MRSA, Influenza and Norovirus are all commonly found on door handles.  
  • 80% of infections are spread by touch!

* According to Circadian's Shiftwork Practice 2005, unscheduled absenteeism is a chronic problem for U.S employers, conservatively costing $3,600 per hourly employee and $2,650 per salaried employee per year.

‘Lost productivity from illness costs the U.S. economy $227B a year’
- The Integrated Benefits Institute

Keep healthier and prevent infections from spreading in healthier facilities with our simple solution - the hands-free door handle.


Available in 1 Color: Ivory (as shown)

MSRP: $40 each

All installation hardware and explanatory sticker included

BUILT IN ANTI-BACTERIAL - Contains silver ions
TOP COMPLIANCE - BS8424:2004 Grade 4 compliant.  Perfect in every facility from Daycare to Prisons ISO 22196:2011 compliant
SAVES MONEY - Stops paper towel wastage, saves water and hand sanitizer.  Reduces absenteeism
REDUCES PATIENT RISK with Anti ligature design
EASY TO USE - Ideal for people with reduced hand function
CUSTOMIZABLE  - Metal detectable version available for the food industry
PATENTED design made in GB at an ISO:9001 facility


Award Winning Doorstop