"Necessity is the mother of invention."  Plato

When two year old Oscar trapped his fingers in the hinge side of the kitchen door, his parents, Marc and Coralie Ward, went looking for a door stop to hold their doors tight in BOTH directions.  When they could not find one, they invented one!

Protecting little fingers from the hinge side of a door is even more important than the handle side due to extreme pressure generated when a door closes, which is why Marc was determined to find a solution. 

Award Winning Doorstop


The Jamm® Doorstop is honored with 10 awards in the Child Safety category and one in the Housewares Design category

The Jamm® doorstop is a patented design, manufactured in Great Britain from the finest quality food safe polymer materials.  They are UL tested and the only doorstop in the World to comply to the European General Product Safety Regulation 2005 (European Law). They are also Lead, BpA and Phthalate free and are CPSIA Compliant in the USA.

Several inventions will be launched soon under the Jamm® brand, so please look out for NEW product announcements.

Hilwaite Holdings (formerly Snap To It, Inc.), a leader in launching smaller international brands in the USA, is appointed as the sole and exclusive distributor for Jamm® products in North America.  We pride ourselves in searching the world for high quality products that simply look out for you!